r/ally uncovers "who knows what" inside your enterprise

What is r/ally?

Product Information

r/ally provides customers with both an intelligent collaboration platform and robust knowledge analytics engine.

Intelligent Collaboration Platform

r/ally matches a user's needs to other users' skill sets, improving productivity, client response time and employee engagement

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Knowledge Analytics Engine

r/ally’s technology identifies and catalogs employees' skills and knowledge across your organization.

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r/ally's analytics enable managers to find the best resources across the company by using natural language search coupled with "what if" scenarios to find the right skills for any new project.

Human Capital Search

Ideal for internal recruiters searching for an individual with a specific skill set. Can run independently from r/ally’s collaborative tool.

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Human Capital Talent Management

Ideal for professional services organization, this solution allows leaders to assemble teams with the exact skills, expertise and knowledge required for a project.

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Succession Planning

Find where the skills shortages are in your enterprise and identify other team members to fill the talent gaps

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r/ally Explorer

r/ally’s data mining solution is ideal for professional staffing firms and internal recruiters looking to locate individuals with specific skill sets.

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Benefits for Employees

r/ally finds the people in your organization that have the knowledge you need to get stuff done

Be Efficient

Earn more by improving your productivity

Be Known

Raise your profile by showcasing your expertise

Be Happy

Get staffed on projects that improve your skills


Cross Platform Availability

Works on desktop, tablets and mobile devices

Cloud Based

No 'on premises' hardware or software to support

Private 1-on-1 chat

Users exchange knowledge in a private environment

Knowledge Visualization

See where expertise resides in your company

Private Sub Groups

Create private environments for discrete internal groups

Natural Language Skill Search

Locate expertise with syntax free search queries




$2.50Per User/Month


$7.50Per User/Month

Automated Skills Matching
Private Collaboration
Basic User Analytics
iOS, Android and Responsive Web Applications
Private Sub-Groups
Custom Goal Creation
Human Capital Search
Human Capital Talent Management
Succession Planning
r/ally Explorer – Data Mining of Legacy Data Source
Data Connector to ERP, ATS, E-mail Call For Info
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r/ally uncovers "who knows what" inside your enterprise

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