r/ally uncovers "who knows what" inside your enterprise

Why r/ally?

Benefits for Employees

r/ally finds the people in your organization that have the knowledge you need to get stuff done

Be Efficient

Earn more by improving your productivity

Be Known

Raise your profile by showcasing your expertise

Be Happy

Get staffed on projects that improve your skills

Benefits for Employers

r/ally's analytics enable managers to find the best resources across the company by using natural language search coupled with "what if" scenarios to find the right skills for any new project.

Skill Matching

Find out what skills are needed and wanted across your organization.

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Knowledge Mapping

Identify and locate subject matter experts within your company.

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Project Staffing

Identify how similar employee's prior experience is to the needs of a specific project.

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Cross Platform Availability

Works on desktop, tablets and mobile devices

Cloud Based

No on premise software to manage

Private 1-on-1 chat

Users exchange knowledge in a private environment

Knowledge Visualization

See where expertise resides in your company

Private Groups

Create private environments for internal groups

Natural Language Skill Search

Locate expertise with syntax free search queries




  • Unlimited Users
  • Automated Skill Matching
  • Basic User Analytics
  • Responsive Web Platform
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
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  • Includes standard features and:
  • Enhanced Knowledge Analytics
  • Enhanced Enterprise Knowledge Search
  • Subject Matter Expertise Identification
  • Optional Enterprise Integrations
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r/ally uncovers "who knows what" inside your enterprise

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